Saturday, September 23, 2023

‘Just because you’re not bright…’: BJP sharpens attack on Rahul Gandhi

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has hit out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying just because he’s not bright that doesn’t mean India is not.

Intensifying its attack on Rahul Gandhi, the BJP has said that the Congress scion is defaming India on foreign land and making such allegations against the country that even Pakistan wouldn’t dare to do. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra took a jibe at the former Congress President saying just because he’s not bright that doesn’t mean India is also not.

“In a big university, he is telling people bad things about India. While even Pakistan no longer dares say these things about India on a global forum, Gandhi is presenting it as a place where democracy is no longer there and the judiciary has been compromised,” Sambit Patra said.

The BJP spokesperson questioned if Rahul Gandhi is on the payroll of any agency to bring down India.

Patra said the Congress leader spoke about minorities being treated as second-class citizens and alleged “Rahul Gandhi and the Gandhi family can stoop to any low to destroy the fabric of India.”

“Just because you are not a bright kid and not a bright kid of your dynastic party doesn’t mean India is not a bright spot,” Patra said, hitting back at the Congress leader.

Hitting back at Rahul over the accusation that his phone had Pegasus, Patra said that Gandhi or other Congress leaders did not even submit their mobile phones for inspection by a probe committee set by the Supreme Court to look into the charge of snooping through the Pegasus malware.

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